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The Bowen Technique in long-term illness and palliative care conditions

Posted on 20 January, 2013 at 6:20 Comments comments (21)
Today’s Therapist International Trade Journal   -    May  June 2003   

The Bowen Technique in long-term illness and palliative care conditions     
by Janie Godfrey  

When people want to scoff at complementary therapies, one favourite line of attack is to say, “Do you think you can cure cancer?”  The answer is most definitely NO!   But if we re-phrase the question and ask:  “Can we treat people with cancer?” the answer is most definitely YES!  And this goes for a number of conditions that are long-term or life threatening.  Taking the edge off symptoms, calming anxieties, stimulating appetite and energy and encouraging deeper and better sleep are all welcome helps in such circumstances.   

Bowen practitioner John Metherall practices several days a week at a Macmillan Day hospice and had the opportunity to treat David A., who was suffering with prostate cancer with metastasises in the spine, pelvis and ribs.  The hospice provides a variety of therapies including aromatherapy once medical approval has been obtained for each individual patient.  

John suggested to David that he give him Bowen treatment in an effort to give longer relief from joint and bone pains and relieve spasms of intense kidney pain.  David was delighted with the results, which were excellent.     

Bowen had another surprising effect on David.  Nearly fifty years ago, a polio attack had left him with a weakness down his left side and constant pain that varied in intensity.  Following Bowen, this discomfort was considerably reduced -  amazing after so many years.  David was very grateful for the significant improvement in his quality of life, which Bowen brought about.    

Following a relapse into a second spell of bladder cancer, Christopher began Bowen treatment on the recommendation of a dear friend.  Bowen practitioner Julian Baker first saw him just as his chemotherapy course began and after only three sessions the effect was so noticeable that one of the chemotherapy nurses remarked that he was the most relaxed patient they had ever treated on that unit.   

Bowen also dramatically reduced stress in both Christopher’s body and in his mental attitude, with old tensions and grievances fading to clear the way to a more balanced feeling.  The treatment has also considerably reduced the pain and physical problem of a frozen shoulder, which had disturbed his sleep for months and was painful to use, even making dressing difficult at times.  In the space of eight weeks, Bowen’s effect on both the body and mental state immeasurably increased the well-being Christopher felt and, he is sure, has played a very important part in supplementing the conventional cancer treatment, to the extent that he is now feeling better than he has felt for over two years.   

Derek (in his 40’s) was diagnosed as HIV positive about 16 years ago.  He used to do a lot of cycling and keeping fit until two years ago.  Feeling pain in his muscles and joints, he stopped cycling.  He also felt he had no energy and was unable to do physical work, such as gardening.   He went to a local clinic for an aromatherapy treatment.  Although he felt his energy level was raised afterwards, the pains and aches in his joints came back after 3 days.  

His aromatherapist is also a Bowen practitioner and suggested it might work better for him.  When he came back for the second treatment, he said he had felt very positive about himself since the first treatment and the pains and aches had not come back.  

When he came back for a third treatment, he said he had done some painting in the house that morning and had been able to do some gentle exercise and that there had been no pain in his joints and muscles for two weeks!  Just before coming for the fourth treatment, he had been out doing some gardening.  He is very pleased with the results of Bowen and said he had not felt like this until he started Bowen.  He will be coming back regularly to keep the pains at bay.   

It is remarkable how the body can respond with its own resources even when suffering from a very debilitating or terminal illness.  So many of the complementary therapies do just that:  complement the conventional treatment and address the quality of life issues that are of such paramount importance to the client’s well-being.        

© E.C.B.S   

Janie Godfrey is a Bowen Technique practitioner in Frome and has been in practice since 1999.  She also works part time at the European College of Bowen Studies office.  

Contents provided by the European School of Bowen Studies (ECBS)   

For further details about the Bowen Technique please contact Karen on 01954 260 982 / 07714 995 299 or email [email protected]