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Latest News


Karen is organising another Bowen Workshop in Willingham with Gus de la Querra RESET 101 Foundation which focuses on the Vagus nerve, lymphatics and immunes systems.

Karen has completed Level 2 Importance of Symmetry Workshop with Graham Pennington who flew over from Australia to hokd the course in Willingham, Cambridgeshire.


Karen has completed Art of Bowen online tutorial on Scoliosis.  This is ground breaking work with clients practitioners attaining phenomenal results using this technique showing huge improvements in scoliosis.


Karen has hosted the Importance of Symmetry Workshop held in Willingham.  The workshop attracted practitioners from Europe, Cambridgeshire and Scotland!  


Karen will be offering a Bowen Taster Session at the Willingham Primary School Pamper Evening on Saturday 5th October, 7pm-10pm Sessions will last for 20 minutes costing just £10! Should you wish to try Bowen please come along to the event. Further details on my facebook page.


Karen has just completed a 2 day Fascia Bowen workshop. Fascinating stuff how such gentle moves can make such huge changes to the body.


Treatments can now take place at One Life Fitness in Little Shelford , Cambridge.

Bowen & Pregnancy in The Daily Mail.



Karen will be providing a Saturday morning clinic at Cambridge Complementary for Therapies and Treatments (CCTT). Find out more here.



Karen has now joined the team at Cambridge Complementary for Therapies and Treatments (CCTT). Find out more here.

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