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The Effect of Bowen on Pain and Anxiety

The Effect of Bowen on Pain and Anxiety 

By Alastair Rattray           Bowen Teacher and Therapist  
Tom Bowen, an Australian living and working in Geelong, New South Wales, developed his remarkable technique over some 35 years. He described himself as a “muscular-skeletal” therapist and regarded himself as an osteopath though he had never had any formal medical training. 

Probably 95% of Tom’s clients were suffering from some form of muscular-skeletal problems.

Balancing the nervous system

Today’sTherapist International Trade Journal   -   Issue 35  Jul Aug 2005    

The Bowen Technique 

Balancing the nervous system                           by Janie Godfrey

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls most of what goes on in our body.  80 – 90% of physiological and emotional functions are regulated by it and it manages such things as heart and circulatory functions, respiration, digestion, glands, muscles, immune system and blood pressure levels.

The Bowen Technique - Engaging the immune system

Today’sTherapist International Trade Journal   -   Issue 38  Jan Feb 2006    

The Bowen Technique - Engaging the immune system                                by Janie Godfrey 

There are a number of case histories of people with infections seeing them finally shifted after Bowen treatment.  The case history has been mentioned before of an older woman who suffered with an 18-month long, low-grade infection that antibiotics were not shifting at all.
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