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A day in the life of James Ellison BSB (British Super Bikes) Rider

A day in the life of James Ellison BSB (British Super Bikes) Rider

A day in the life of…
So now that things have settled down a little I thought id write a blog to let everyone know what I’ve been up to recently.  The first round at Brands Hatch Easter weekend was certainly one I will remember for many reasons, one of them being it was the first time id had a double podium since 2010, we had somewhat of an up and down season last year so to bag a double podium at my first meeting with a new team and a new bike gave me a heap of confidence, especially considering I got the first podium from 16th on the grid and with an injury sustained in qualifying that later turned out to be a cracked pelvis with internal muscle bleeding and bruising!

The Bowen Technique Exercise induced tachycardia

Today’sTherapist International Trade Journal   
Issue 57    April May 2009   

The Bowen TechniqueExercise induced tachycardia                 
by Paula Esson and Janie Godfrey  

Bowen Technique practitioner and teacher Paula Esson has described an unusual application of Bowen for one of her very sporty clients.  

Steve originally went to see her on recommendation from other sports players.

The Bowen Technique & Sports – A Winning Formula

MASSAGE WORLD    – July/August 2002    

The Bowen Technique & Sports  – A Winning Formula 
By Alastair Rattray   

When my phone rang one day, I was surprised to find a well-known international footballer from a London First Division club on the line.  “Can you give me a Bowen treatment as soon as possible?” he asked.  It would have been less of a surprise if he had asked for a massage, as footballers are addicted to massage.  


sportEX dynamics

by Julian Baker, Director and Principal Instructor, European College of Bowen Studies  

As I started to write this article,a doubt crept into my mind.  Perhaps I am preaching to an audience already converted to the concept of injury prevention.  In some respects this may be true, as a simple Google search under ‘sports injury prevention’ yielded some sixteen million results.

The Bowen Technique Endurance – Bowen and the 1000 Mile Challenge

Today’sTherapist International Trade Journal   -   Issue 49  Nov Dec 2007    

The Bowen TechniqueEndurance – Bowen and the 1000 Mile Challenge             by Janie Godfrey

On Sunday, 2 March 2003, six contestants started off from The Mall in London to “travel unaided” one mile every hour for 1000 hours along the London Marathon route, after which they would run the London Marathon itself an hour after finishing the Challenge, six weeks later on Sunday 13 April.
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