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Maternity & Newborn Care & Bowen

Maternal & Newborn care 
Sandra Gustafson

The Bowenwork offers unique and exciting possibilities in optimising the outcome of both mother and baby in the preconception, prenatal, labour and delivery and post partum situations. This article by Sandra Gustafson highlights how and why this technique is so successful. 

History of Bowenwork 
Tom Bowen was born in 1916 in the state of Victoria, Australia. Tom did not receive any specific education in healing arts. Higher education was a luxury item for most families in those days, picking up the pieces after the 2 world wars.

Bowen - Pregnancy & Back Pain

Daily Mail, Monday July 8 2002   
I was pregnant when doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to walk for a year after giving birth    –    so I found a miracle cure.
The newest therapies claim to achieve dramatic results with the minimum of hands-on contact.  These extremely gentle treatments aim to encourage the body’s own natural healing processes.  What’s more, they apparently work.  
In six controlled trials, spiritual healing was shown to improve wound healing and help in the treatment of pain.
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