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Bowen Technique & Hayfever

The Daily Telegraph   
HEALTH AND WELLBEING                                                                    
Friday August 4 2000   

Light fingers make many things work    

The Bowen Technique More on noses

Today’sTherapist International Trade Journal   -   Issue 53  July August 2008   

The Bowen TechniqueMore on noses                                                            

THE BOWEN TECHNIQUE remarkable results with respiratory problems

N2N Nurse to Nurse                  Vol 02  Issue 08   June2002 
The proactive interactive nursing magazine, produced by nurses, for nurses  

THE BOWEN TECHNIQUEremarkable results with respiratory problems 
By Alastair Rattray and Janie Godfrey  

 “Bowen has changed my life.   I no longer live with back pain and do not have to worry about asthma attacks with my daughter or watch her fight to get her breath.

The Bowen Technique - Seasonal allergic rhinitis

Today’sTherapist International Trade Journal   
Issue 52  May  June 2008   

The Bowen Technique - Seasonal allergic rhinitis                                           by Janie Godfrey 

I thought this May-June issue would be a good time to revisit seasonal allergic rhinitis – our old spring- and summertime foe known as hay fever to all the sneezing, nose-blowing, eye-itching citizens who struggle with this yearly visitation.

Bowen for Hayfever?

Complementary therapy knocks out hayfever  

Best tip  for hayfever sufferers - get yourself to a Bowen Technique practitioner!   

Hay fever is one of the commonest allergies in UK, affecting about 12 million people.  Numbers have risen since 1965 when between 10 to 12% of the UK population were affected, to today's figure of 15 to 25% in the population as a whole and, generally speaking,  the area with the highest hay fever rate is the English midlands.   
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