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Are you unknowingly prolonging your injury?

Posted on 25 July, 2014 at 17:26 Comments comments (0)
Are you unknowingly prolonging your injury?

“You owe it to yourself to take responsibility for your health”

The best of treatments can be undermined with bad postural, movement and dietary habits.  In chronic re-occurring conditions please examine all your daily activities.  Many people have bad habits they are unaware of which exacerbate their condition. Listed are a few of the more common problems along with some basic health tips.

  • Sitting with wallet in back pocket
    (Pelvic imbalance, which side bends the spine and leads to chronic pain)
  • Crossing legs over knee in seated position
    (Pelvic imbalance which side bends the spine and leads to chronic pain)
  • Bad computer, work station, or TV position (Head on an angle &/or not at eye level)
  • Rounding back while at desk/ lounge
  • Cracking own spine regularly
  • Phone held up by shoulder (Use a head set or hands-free)
  • Heavy bag over one shoulder
    (Take out unnecessary items and change to an “over the opposite shoulder” bag)
  • Sleeping on stomach (Head turned to side puts uneven strain on the neck)
  • Sleeping in a draft or with air-conditioner blowing on neck
  • Falsely believing symptom free is symptom eradication (It takes time for an injury to return to full strength. This is why 3 to 6 treatments may be required and monthly top ups)
  • Not resting long enough or not working around an injury (Repair takes time)
  • Watching TV in bed (Head is in an over flexed position)
  • Falling asleep seated on sofa watching TV or reading (Head flops into flexion)
  • Head in prolonged extension in bowl at hair salon
  • Meditation (If you let your head flop while in a seated position)
  • Wet hair in air-conditioner or going out in the cold(Can cause scalp muscles to contract)
  • High heel shoes (Shortens calf muscles and puts strain on hip flexors)
  • Wearing a heel lift in your shoe for a short leg when it often is caused by muscle imbalance (Causes long term pain in many areas of the body – check with your therapist)
  • Shoes that have limited flexibility up & down restrict the foots natural “toe to heel “movement (They need to bend, our feet are not like planks of wood)
  • Shoes that are too narrow
    (Our feet are designed to spread for support & shock absorption)
  • Tight underwear and clothing (Cutting of Lymph, nerve and blood flow)
  • Not keeping reasonably fit and supple
  • Bad eating habits (healthy fuel and not excessive intake)
  • Not drinking enough water every day
  • Not having a regular “Maintenance Treatment” monthly or at least 4 times a year
  • Putting up with pain for so long that you accept it. It will usually become worse! 
  • Analyse everything you do on a regular basis. Work, Hobbies, Sport, Exercise, stress levels and relaxation. 
  • Look for bad ergonomics.