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Bowen & ADHD

Posted on 19 April, 2014 at 10:40 Comments comments (0)

ADHD & BowenWork
Susan MacFarlane

The  mother of a 13 year old boy brought her son to see me for a Bowenwork  session.  He has been diagnosed  with ADHD and bottling up his anxiety over school often led to destructive  outbursts at home.

He was apprehensive about receiving Bowenwork because he doesn't really like being touched.

When  they arrived I did my best to make him feel welcome, comfortable and help put his concerns at ease. I explained to him what he could expect during the  session; 

He  would be fully dressed during the session and start out lying face down on the  massage table.   I would perform  'rolling moves' over muscles, tendons and ligaments on specific areas of his  body. After a couple of these moves I would leave the room for a couple of  minutes allowing his body to start responding to the work we are doing.  Bowenwork works with the autonomic  nervous system putting your body in a deep relaxed state so that your body can  then begin to heal; physically, mentally, emotionally and   energetically.

I told him that when I am done with the back of his body I will then have him roll  over so that I can continue the session on the front of his body.   When I have completed all the 'moves' for this particular session I will  then let him rest for about 10 minutes allowing his body to process the 
work....I sometimes refer to it as giving them time to 'cook'  :)

Every body is different and can therefore  respond differently.  Some folks  are ready to sit up after 10 minutes....others need a little more time to  process.  This young man had a lot  going on and needed extra time.  I  actually tried waking him after 10 minutes but he was still in a very deep 
relaxed state so I gave him another 5 minutes.  He was still not ready so I gave him  more time.  His mother said that she never has trouble waking him up, in fact, he usually woke up on his own  every morning.  He did finally wake  up a little more than 20 minutes after the end of the session....with a little  help from me saying his name and gently shaking him  :)

Two days later his mother told me that, that night he opened up to her like he had  never done before. She had tears of joy in her eyes as he told her things she  had long wondered about but could never get him to talk about along with things  she knew absolutely nothing about.

I am so thrilled to hear feedback like that!  Knowing that Bowenwork not only helped  the young teen, but the ripple effects are extensive.   He feels calmer and happier which results in his younger brother feeling  more comfortable at home. Mom is now more relaxed and happy and we all know that  when Mom is happy, everyone is happy :)