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The Bowen Technique Temporo mandibular joint

Posted on 20 January, 2013 at 8:13 Comments comments (439)
Today’s Therapist International Trade Journal   -   Issue 42  Sep Oct 2006    

The Bowen Technique Temporo mandibular joint                                         
by Janie Godfrey   

A Bowen Technique practitioner had an alarming occasion arise in which to practice her skill.  Her son, F, then aged 30, had had a nasty bicycle accident.  He had come off his cycle at high speed on the Bristol cycle path, and slammed the left side of his face into a wall. 

The cause of the accident is still a mystery, and as F was knocked unconscious for somewhere between 40 minutes and an hour, he was unable to say what caused him to go over the handlebars at speed.   He was treated at Frenchay hospital in Bristol, thankfully a renowned centre for the treatment of head injuries, and spent 4 hours having some 60 stitches, mostly to the inside of his mouth.  

For the next 9 days, all food had to be taken through a straw, and on day 14 the stitches were removed.   F’s own notes recall that after the stitches were removed he found he could not close his mouth properly, as the left incisor which had been badly knocked and was loose, was hitting on another tooth, as the whole jaw had become misaligned.  

Photos taken at that time show F’s whole jaw shifted over to the right, due to the severe impact on the left of the face.  He was due to go for an appointment at the dentist to discuss treatment to realign the jaw.   

His mother saw F the day after the stitches came out, and took him in for a Bowen treatment straight away, in an effort to prevent his having any dental intervention the next day.  

After having his treatment, which had been focused on the Bowen temoro mandibular joint (TMJ) procedure, F sat up on the couch, looking somewhat strange.  His mother wondered if he was going to be sick, but he was just sensing the changes in his mouth.   

His own words say it all:  “After this first Bowen treatment, I could close my mouth properly and the molars were aligned properly too – the effect was nothing short of miraculous.”  

Photos taken just before and straight after treatment clearly show this.   This treatment was followed with two more, at weekly intervals.  He never needed any intervention from the dentist.   

His mother did some follow-up work in the ensuing months for knock-on effects to the left shoulder and neck area, but he has had no long-term problems as a result of this nasty accident.   

The Bowen Technique TMJ procedure is, like the Coccyx Procedure, a big gun and is a major balancing tool for the entire body.  The list of areas that can be addressed by the TMJ is almost endless as it provides a structural reference point for the entire body.  

In addition it is one of the four lymphatic drainage procedures and provides an excellent form of drainage for the face and head, ideal for clients suffering with sinus or hay fever problems.   

Shoulders and RSI type problems respond very well to the TMJ, as it gives a balance to the upper back area and affects the nerves of the neck. All dental problems, including wisdom tooth compaction, bite differences, abscesses in gums, as well as many others can be addressed with TMJ work.   

Case History   
A mother of 3, in her early 30’s, took her children for Bowen treatment for their asthma.  The eldest (age 9) said his mother was “having a breakdown today!”  Actually, she was having a migraine.  

She had been suffering frequent migraines lasting several days, usually every 2 weeks or so.   She returned for Bowen treatment herself later that same day.  

The practitioner noticed her jaw was out of line, pointing left.  Her main migraine pain was on the right side of the face/head.  Asked about the possibility of a blow to the right side of the jaw/head, she said she had had a fall one night, away from home, when she tripped going to the bathroom and hit her jaw on the basin.  The migraine had been there for about the same amount of time.  

When the practitioner checked the temporo-mandibular joint, he could feel a large lump, rather like a lump of glue, on her right TMJ.   By the end of the treatment, 80% of her migraine had disappeared and thereafter the frequency and length/intensity reduced greatly.  

She only has occasional migraines now and needs a bit more treatment to complete the job. The alignment of a person’s jaw will tell you a lot!  

Contents provided by the European School of Bowen Studies (ECBS)
For further details about the Bowen Technique please contact Karen on 01954 260 982 / 07714 995 299 or email [email protected]